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CCRG Lunch Talk
  • Speaker:  Carolina Soledad Negrelli
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  • Location:  Testing MOG theory in the Milky Way
  • Type: Lunch Talk

The MOdified Gravity theory (MOG) is a covariant modification of General Relativity. It was formulated by John Moffat in 2006, and is an improvement of the MOND theory. MOG seeks to explain the dynamic of the universe at different scales without the introduction of dark components. We perform a test of the theory within the Milky Way, adopting the well known “Rotation Curve” method: we use the dynamics of observed tracers within the disk to determine the gravitational potential as a function of galactocentric distance, and compare that with the expected potential generated by visible components (stars and gas) under different “flavors” of the MOG theory. We make use of a state–of–the–art setup for both the observed tracers and baryonic morphology. In this presentation I’ll show you the details of the method, our results and some work in progress.