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Identification of the Youngest Known Substellar Object within ~100 pc
By D. Annie Dickson-Vandervelde, Emily C. Wilson, and Joel H. Kastner
Published in RN AAS 4 (Friday, February 7, 2020)


We have identified a young substellar object in the epsilon Chamaeleontis Association (epsilon Cha), a Nearby Young Moving Group (NYMG) of age 3–5 Myr and distance of ~100 pc (Murphy et al. 2013; Dickson-Vandervelde et al. 2020). This is the first known substellar member of epsilon Cha, which is the youngest of the known NYMG within ~100 pc (Gagné & Faherty 2018). This object, 2MASS J11550336-7919147 (hereafter 2MASS J1155-7919 b), hence appears to be the youngest presently known substellar object within ~100 pc of Earth.

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Observational Cosmology